TZP Column: New ATF FFL Rule Drops

Engaged In The Business: The Shoe Drops
The ATF’s rule redefining “engaged in the business,” and who must have a Federal Firearms License, has been released, but not yet formally published in the Federal Register. The Zelman Partisans has been warning you about this since 2022.

The rule document is 466 pages. Most of that is hundreds of pages of “responses” to public comment that amount to “We disagree,” and “tough shit.” The part where they claim that requiring everyone to have an FFL is BRUEN-compliant, because the feds briefly banned the export of cannons and gunpowder in 1794 is a classic.
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TZP Column: Gun-Free Home Schools

Gun-Free Missouri Home Schools?
I received an alert sent out by Missouri First, regarding Missouri Senate Bill 727.

I’ll grant that 571.030(10) does state:

(10) Carries a firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, or any other weapon readily capable of lethal use into any school…

But is that definitive? Does “any school” really mean home schools?

571.030(1) is both a little more general and specific.
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You Never Know…

Time was, I’d look at a report like this, and the 4/1 date, and merely assume it’s another April Fools Day attempt.

Rachel Levine Declares For WNBA Draft

But the world has gotten so nuts — “the first shemale admiral in government” part at least is accurate — that it’s getting tough to tell for sure.

But I’ll go with satire, because that guy doesn’t look athletic enough to play a single quarter without dropping dead from a heart attack.