I guess you get what you pay for.

What a week… so far. An area Internet outage kept me offline for more than 24 hours. It only came up a few minutes ago, and already…

A few days ago, The Zelman Partisans reported on a recent 6th Circuit panel ruling on bump stocks. Finally logging in, I find this comment:

This happened way back in March. You are just now reporting on it?

Excuse us. TZP is small. The folks actively researching and writing on these matters are a handful. We are not well-funded. We — I, specifically — write about issues as I become aware of them. Besides the usual firearm-related news, I struggle to keep up with the status of a few hundred bills in Congress, and more lawsuits than I can count.* While early on I attempted to follow all the bump-fire stock cases (especially the ones in which I and TZP are cited), I lost control of that when the number of those cases alone went over ten.

I do what I can.

If someone wants me to keep up specifically with their pet issue, they can make it fiscally possible to focus on it. Hit my tip jar, and maybe I won’t have to “waste” my time on other things. For that matter, if you want The Zelman Partisans to do your news tracking for you, become a paid member (which “Geoff” doesn’t appear to be). We don’t have many members, not enough to actually support operations — I don’t get paid –, so basically what we do is done gratis. You’re welcome.

Sorry about the whining over such seemingly petty BS; but when I’m struggling to pay my bills, it pissed me off to come out of an extended ‘Net outage to find someone else whining that I’m not providing free shit for him fast enough. Must be a Democrat.

* And there’s the stream of emails from people asking advice on what orgs to support, where to find assorted state and federal laws, more state-level legislation, and so on. Oh, yeah; and the occasional congressional staffer asking for guidance on firearms, ATF, or more legislation. I’m the go-to guy for a surprising number of folks, considering I’m just an unpaid nobody.

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