Confirmed: Maricopa County “Sharpiegate” was real and DELIBERATE.

Maricopa County elections worker Kelly Dixon instructed clerks to hand out proper ballpoint pens to voters during in-person early voting (which leans Dimocrat), and then to hand out sharpie markers to voters on election day (leans Republican). This, despite the fact that ballot instructions clearly state not to use sharpies because they will bleed through and cause ballot scan errors.

Next, we’ve heard you and we know you’re hearing issues and concerns about the Sharpie Markers. Starting tomorrow, 10/23 and through 11/2m we are asking that Clerks hand voters BALLPOINT PENSr ather than markers. We NEED to use Markers on Election Day, but for now and through 11/2, hand voters a Ballpoint Pen. You have plenty of pens in your supplies right now.

Please message this to your inspectors and ensure they can cascade this change down to everyone on the Board.

If your state uses computer ballot marking devices, you may not see the issue. In Maricopa, voters manually mark pre-printed ballots, and those ballots are printed with races on both sides of the paper. Bleed-through means marks on one side can cause marks on the other side which can cause errors. And DID.

It only gets worse when those pre-printed ballots are mysteriously printed on the wrong paper which allows bleed-through, instead of the SecureVote bleed-resistant paper Maricopa claimed they used.

Up to now, Maricopa could have claimed mere criminal misfeasance caused by wrong training and incredible incompetence. But this shows intentional election misconduct at the felony level: and conspiracy: “Please message this to your inspectors and ensure they can cascade this change down to everyone on the Board.”

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