ChinCOVID: “Antigen Cases”

Yesterday, I heard about the Class I recall of Innova Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT), reportedly for a high false positive rate. That prompted me to ask my local public health district just what RATs are being used in my district.

I got a reply today.

Hello Mr. Bussjaeger. All COVID-19 testing done by the Coastal Health District relies on PCR tests and not antigen tests.

Well, someone has reported 158 “antigen cases” in Camden County to DPH, in the past two weeks. I would have expected CHD to want to know who is testing with which RAT in its area. Especially with a RAT recall and recommendation to re-test individuals.

But this raises an interesting question. Basically, there two ways you can test “positive” for ChinCOVID. One is a PCR test that amplifies genetic material and checks for nucleotides allegedly specific to SARS-CoV-2. The other way is an antigen test that checks for antigens virus spike proteins.

Supposedly the PCR test was the gold standard because it was claimed to be specific to SARS-CoV-2. Of course, in the CDC notice that the PCR test EUA is being withdrawn, we learned that it wasn’t actually so specific. Oops; our bad.

But it’s a little better known that the RATs were not COVID-specific. Right in the test results, it says so. Several different viruses will cause a positive result. A positive calls for another specific test to which virus.

And that’s a problem, because Johns Hopkins, Worldometer, and the CDC lump PCR positives and antigen positives together in their total ChinCOVID case counts. So we know the case numbers are inflated. And with the bad Innova RATs, we know it’s even worse than we thought.

Lessee, yesterday Georgia DPH reported 1,975 cases. Johns Hopkins claimed 3,587 new cases. From that we know they lumped in at least Georgia’s reported 1,749 “antigen cases,” and then some.

We have a count problem. All because idiots are assuming an antigen-positive is a “case.”

That brings us to the so-called “breakthrough cases,” people testing positive for ChinCOVID after full vaccination. You know what I’d like to see, but which no one seems to report?

How many of those “breakthrough cases” are based on antigen tests?

The emergency use authorized pseudo-vaccines are all designed to do the same thing: cause your body to produce SARS-CoV-2-type spike proteins, which in turn train the immune system to recognize the real SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Spike protein. I.E. antigen. Antigen, as in “antigen test.”

How much of the “surge” in new cases is really the surge in vaccinated suckers, and all because the CDC calls antigen-positives “cases”?

Added, 7/29/2021: Makes me wonder:

Dave Martinez, the Nationals’ manager, announced the positive COVID cases in a news conference Wednesday. Martinez said shortstop Trea Turner was one of the players who tested positive and said only one of the positive cases came from a person who was not vaccinated.

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