I think I’m responsible for that correction.

Gateway Pundit published an article about the VAERS site being down.

I sent them a correction noting that… Well, let me just show you their correction. Because they copy&pasted the note I sent them, right down to the asterisks I used for emphasis.

*OpenVAERS.com* is currently down. It has been down for hours. OpenVAERS is a privately run site that data mines the official CDC VAERS site.

That’s one of the things I like about Gateway Pundit, despite their clear conservative bias: They actually read feedback, and they will make corrections. Quickly.

If you follow ChinCOVID vax news, you should be familiar with OpenVAERS.com. It isn’t the official VAERS site, but it datamines the official site, pulls out the COVID-19-specific data, and presents it in a clearly understandable manner. That is something that’s unnecessarily difficult to do with the official site. OpenVAERS has been providing a valuable service, and I hope they’re back up soon.

* Links edited to protect idiots from themselves, on the off chance that a Democrat or other moron wanders by my blog.

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