I hate it when I realize I’ve clicked on an Associated Press “report.”

Like this one:

Florida records highest-ever new COVID-19 case total in a single day, CDC data shows
Florida has reported its highest-ever daily total for new COVID-19 cases, according to CDC data.

The data, which the Florida health department says it sends to the CDC, says the state recorded 21,683 new cases on July 30, the most since the start of the pandemic. Previously, the highest single-day number the state reported was 19,816 on Jan. 6.

I’m screencapping that for posterity.

In fact, if you check the very link to CDC data in that story, you find rather different information.

Yes, the CDC claims 21, 683 cases on July 30. But January 6th shows… 17,262, not 19,816. And 1/6/21 wasn’t the peak date; that was January 2, 2021 with a whopping 30,531.

So Florida’s AP-alleged record-breaker actually missed the record by 8,848 cases. According the story’s own linked data.

I recall too many decades ago, as a kid, thinking that AP was a decent source of news. I’m not exactly sure just when I realized they were somewhat less than accurate. But in the early ’80s I had a direct AP teleytpe feed — yep, “news right off the wire” — and I had a lot of “Huh?” and “Wait; what?” moments while reading that yellow paper. In the early ’90s, I again had a direct feed, and we posted AP stories on the bulletin board for laughs, because they were so obviously wrong so often.

Finally, I reached the point where AP was a specifically distrusted source. Its “news” was — like this one — lies, utter bullshit.

First Coast News should reconsider paying AP for shit that simply emabasses them.

Added: I see CBS is making the same BS claim, with the same link to CDC data saying thy’re wrong. Way to go, Tori.

Added 2: As I continue checking the news this morning, I’m seeing this same fake Florida claim all across the leftstream media. And in many of the stories the language is so similar that it’s almost as if they paraphrased or plagiarized some one original, misinformed source.

Or are following a prepared propaganda script.

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