Don’t hold your breath, Florida.

Yeah, right. As if the CDC will fix that.

Florida’s health department says CDC’s COVID count for state is wrong, ‘anticipates’ correction
The Florida Department of Health took to Twitter on Monday to ask the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to update its COVID-19 case tracker for the state because it incorrectly combined “MULTIPLE days into one,” which made the Sunday daily case count explode to the state’s worst ever.

The CDC has been doing this for the entire “pandemic.” I’ve been bitching about it for more than a year. Georgia fixed it. The CDC, Johns Hopkins, and Worldometer refuse.

For August 6, 2021, the CDC claims 6,005 cases.

On August 6, 2021, Georgia reported 0 ZERO cases (preliminary). As of 8/9/2021, the (still preliminary) count for August 6, 2021 is 2,346. The cases reported ON 8/6/2021 included a backlogged case from July 6, 2020. The cases reported on 8/9/2021 included 2 for July 6, 2020.

Georgia properly reports cases both by date of onset (epidemiologically useful) and by date that DPH received a case report (DOR; only useful bureaucratically, not medically). And for Florida and Georgia, the DOR problem is amplified by the fact that those states don’t update on the weekend, so Monday DOR numbers are always inflated, covering multiple days (including the ever-popular 7/6/2020)

The CDC et al deceitfully use the bureacratic date of report numbers and claim they are “new” daily cases. It’s deliberate because it causes the “pandemic” to look worse than reality. It isn’t a bug to fix; it’s a feature.

Another good question is, Why the hell is the case count for July 6, 2020 still changing?

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