Turns out there may be something to that whole magnets on injection sites fad.

A few months ago, people were doing photos and videos claiming that strong magnets would stick to ChinCOVID pseudo-vaccine injection sites. Seemed silly to me, but some of the videos did look legit. Quite odd.

But now Spain-bottled Moderna pseudo-vaccines have been pulled for contamination. Apparently metallic contamination.

NHK, in a report published late on Thursday, cited health ministry sources as saying the contaminant was believed to be a particle that reacted to magnets and was therefore suspected to be a metal. Moderna has described it as “particulate matter” that did not pose a safety or efficacy issue.

That health ministry folks even thought of testing vials with magnets tells me that someone knew the “magnetic vaccine” effect was real.

I’ll make a WAG that somewhere on the production line(s) is a pump with bad bearings.

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