[UPDATED] Wonderful. ANOTHER expense.

Update, 10/2/2021:

I did receive some donations (two were surprisingly generous), but life continues to suck… money. Some other expenses arose; no one major, but the cumulative effect wiped out what I got. And then some.

Basically, I have about $230 to my name as I type. By the end of November, I will not be able to pay any bills, much less get the replacement phone.

On the phone: If I stick with my current outfit, a phone will will run about $35, and monthly time will be about $15; yes, recurring, unless I get enough for a longer service card.

When I was a little more hopeful, financially speaking, I looked into a Straight Talk plan. The phone would be about the same, but ST offers a year-long unlimited data plan. But it’s damned pricey. But the neat thing about that is that, using connection sharing, I think I could drop my at-home Internet service, which runs $79 per month. ($495 vs. $948 per year is appealing.)

Original post:

I knew this was coming eventually, but I’d hoped it wouldn’t be quite so soon. Due to cell network upgrades, my old flip phone will cease to work this year. I don’t have an exact date, but it’s no longer than just under four months. I have to buy a new, compatible phone.

It looks like the phone prices will range from $30 to $60, plus air time. I could go higher for a fancier phone; I’d prefer not to do so.

This will be on top of my usual $175+ monthly expenses (Internet connection, etc). Nor does that include the paid web site hosting I still need. At least bussjaeger.us doesn’t need to be renewed until March next year.

Damn. A smart phone. Now I’ll be carrying my phone even less.

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4 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Wonderful. ANOTHER expense.”

  1. Even if it’s a basic non-smartphone, it’s likely to be running Android with a custom UI. My wife bought a cheap “flip phone”; just a simple numeric display and physical buttons, but it runs a custom Android install. Since the phone has minimal horsepower, it’s often out of service, as the forced updates from Verizon take more than an hour, during which nothing can be done.

  2. Just went through that. I went with a flip since my fingers don’t usually do screens/pads and when I am likely to really NEED a phone, my hands are likely to be fouled with lube, dirt/mud or worse. I’ve been in one auto accident, helped clean up after another to say nothing of some industrial “incidents”, I think that the chances of me finding both the phone and a “stylus” in such a situation are about nill. For the special calls (that start with “Shots Fired”, “Man down”, or “Fire”, I probably wasn’t going to be able to run off and wash my hands, so a push button phone, “for the elderly”, was the way to go. Still spent a lot of time with the manual turning off the “toys” that I will never use. (“Horoscope”. Really?!)

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