[MAJOR UPDATE] Expenses: Body Part Replacement

MAJOR UPDATE: What with one thing and another, I didn’t get this update to the “expense” pity plea until now.

Good News: The replacement phone is ordered and paid for. Y’all did that; and I’m not sure I’m a good enough writer to express my thanks for the help (and confidence that I was worth your investment). More good news: While the fund-raising was going on, prices dropped (!? Someone really wants us to shift to 4G/5G, and leave 3G behind). I’m getting a decent little phone for maybe one-sixth of what I’d anticipated. I do love when specials show up.

On October 30, the universe decided that I need something to trump the need for a phone by several orders of magnitude. Hip replacement.

Not “hip is old and worn, so let’s schedule elective surgery.” Try a traumatic accident inflicting a hip injury that even the specialists say they rarely see. BP spikes due to newly discovered levels pain were potentially life threatening. Scary, anyway.

And I don’t even get a good story about the dramatic crash out of it. How do you spin “lawn tractor crash” to sound dramatic? Seriously;  any cool suggestions?

Got no idea how I’m going to pay for this.

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6 thoughts on “[MAJOR UPDATE] Expenses: Body Part Replacement”

  1. Even if it’s a basic non-smartphone, it’s likely to be running Android with a custom UI. My wife bought a cheap “flip phone”; just a simple numeric display and physical buttons, but it runs a custom Android install. Since the phone has minimal horsepower, it’s often out of service, as the forced updates from Verizon take more than an hour, during which nothing can be done.

  2. Just went through that. I went with a flip since my fingers don’t usually do screens/pads and when I am likely to really NEED a phone, my hands are likely to be fouled with lube, dirt/mud or worse. I’ve been in one auto accident, helped clean up after another to say nothing of some industrial “incidents”, I think that the chances of me finding both the phone and a “stylus” in such a situation are about nill. For the special calls (that start with “Shots Fired”, “Man down”, or “Fire”, I probably wasn’t going to be able to run off and wash my hands, so a push button phone, “for the elderly”, was the way to go. Still spent a lot of time with the manual turning off the “toys” that I will never use. (“Horoscope”. Really?!)

    1. Mint has good plan prices, but their phones… the cheapest is twice what I’m willing to pay.

      Maybe a Tracfone or Straight Talk, and migrate it to mint.

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