Fed Pseudo-Vax Mandate

It has been announced, and they’re doing it the way I anticipated. Let the lawsuits begin!

Vaccinating the Unvaccinated: Biden says with the approval from the FDA, the time for waiting is over. Four million more got vaccinated in August than July. The President believes it’s not about freedom or personal choice but those around you. To that end, the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule for all employers with 100 or more employees (80 million employees total) to ensure they are fully vaccinated. He’s also requiring vaccinations for all who work in hospitals, home health care facilities, and that’s around seventeen million healthcare workers that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid . Biden is also requiring all federal employees and contractors to be vaccinated. Require all federal contractors to be vaccinated, with the Department of Labor will give workers paid time off to get vaccinated.

Is this necessary? Let’s take a look at Georgia ChinCOVID numbers.

Confirmed Cases: 1,144,884
Confirmed Deaths: 20,453

Cases, 70+you: 95,239
Deaths, 70+yo: 12,909 (63.1% of all deaths)

Since people 70+yo are generally out of the workforce, they largely wouldn’t be affected by this order. Let’s exclude them from our numbers for a bit.

Confirmed Cases, <70yo: 1,049,645
Confirmed Deaths, <70yo: 7,544

The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR; deaths/cases) for under-70s is…

0.00719, or .719%

The survival rate is 99.28%.

Bearing in mind that several studies, including the CDC, and my own work, strongly suggests that actual cases are 4 to 10 times higher than officially confirmed case numbers. What would that do to Georgia’s IFR?

Hypothetical Cases x4: 4,198,580
IFR: 0.0018, or 0.18%
Survival rate: 99.82%

Hypothetical Cases, x10: 10,496,450*
IFR: 0.0007, or 0.07%
Survival rate: 99.93%

Yeah, those numbers sure support mandating vaccination with a not-a-vax with the highest number and rate of lethal adverse effects in human vaccination history.

* I’m dubious of the high end guesstimate, because that would be 10,496,450 cases in a population of 10,711,908. It seems unlikely that Georgia would still be seeing many cases per day. My own guesstimate, based on Diamond Princess and USS Roosevelt case studies, would be that actual cases are 2 to 3 times official confirmed cases.

Added: Lawsuits? Oh, yeah. And it’s not even 9:30AM yet.

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