Don’t get too excited about this.

What Crazy Nancy means is that she misses the good old days of the Republican party being controlled by a bunch of RINOs who would go along with whatever the Dims wanted.

Nancy Pelosi: ‘The Country Needs a Big, Strong Republican Party’ (VIDEO)
“I say to my Republican friends, take back your party. The country needs a big, strong Republican Party. And I say that as a leader in the Democratic Party,” Pelosi said.

She wants a big, strong RINO party that will rein in those silly little real conservatives who take the Constitution seriously.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t get too excited about this.”

  1. People still fall for the Uniparty (CCP) Kabuki?
    They will wake up to the fact that we have been sold out by traitorous nomenklatura apparatchik maggots…probably never.
    We get to be the Indians now.

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