Must. Book. Flight. ASAP.

Back in ’96, I guess, I was driving home from work listening to the news on the radio. There was a short piece about Mickie Ds. The company bragged that… I think they said 70%… that 70% of American workers learned their work ethic pulling minimum wage in their restaurants. As if that was a good thing.

I resolved to leave the planet at the first available opportunity.

Behold The Stupidity Pants.

Yes, they are selling $1,200 (twelve hundred dollars) sweatpants that are designed to make you look too effin’ stupid to pull your pants up.

And the objection to that is that the company is appropriating black cultural.

Count the ways…

1. Stupidity Pants

2. That morons will shell out 1200 benjamins for

3. And think stupidity is something that be should be theirs-and-proud-of-it


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