Kalifornia, Baby

It seems the state psychiatric hospital legislature psychiatric hospital (had it right the first time) has passed a bill to ban the sale of “small off-road engines.” I understand that the resident of the gubernatorial psych annex is expected to sign it.

But I can’t quite tell if this was the bill’s sponsor author being clever, or if this little detail is just another symptom of his mental illness.

Small off-road engines (SORE), which are used primarily in lawn and garden equipment, emit high levels of air pollutants…
Currently, there are zero-emission equivalents to all SORE equipment regulated by the State Air Resources Board.

From that, you might think the idiot thinks this is only affecting small stuff like leafblowers, weedeaters, and lawnmowers; all of which admittedly have battery-powered equivalents, The problem is, Kalifornikated already defines small off-road engines.

Small off-road engines (SORE) are spark-ignition engines rated at or below 19 kilowatts. Engines in this category are primarily used for lawn, garden, and other outdoor power equipment.

Golf carts, chainsaws…

Backup generators.

This should go over well during their regularly scheduled rolling blackouts. Did the sponsor mean to eliminate all that? It’s Cal, so he may have

I want to see the zero-emission equivalent to a backup generator. Battery-powered generator? PVC array with batteries (then why have a grid connection)?

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One thought on “Kalifornia, Baby”

  1. They don’t wan anyone to escape on an ATV or dirt bike and a workaround could be found if a sufficiently “organic” power source for the generators could be made workable.
    I know, that is a tall request.
    The land of fruits and nuts is going nationwide and it will make Zimbabwe look like a utopian paradise.
    Saw youngster on a dirt bike road snake everyone the other day at the stoplight by pretending to turn and then cutting in front of several us and I laughed as it gave me some hope for the youth…for a few seconds.

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