ChinCOVID Pseudo-Vax and Myocarditis; My Bad

A few days ago, I wrote about the scary fact that there is a 1 in a thousand chance of myocarditis from the Pfizer pseudo-vax jab. I stand corrected. That stat came from an FDA panel hearing, and I thought they were specifically referring to the Pfizer crap.

This morning, I found the paper that I believe is the source of the 1:1,000 statistic. It’s a Canadian study, and it isn’t just the Pfizer jab. The 1:1,000 is an average of both Pfizer and Moderna. Worse yet, the incidence in Moderna recipients victims was three times higher than in Pfizer jabees.

So when I said we may be needing 10,000 spare hearts for transplants in the next few years? Forget that.

As of 9/21/2021, Reuters reports that 212,255,202 Americans have received at least one dose of one of the vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna make up the bulk of those. At the 1:1,000 ratio, we may actually need 212,255 spare hearts.

Yes, 212,255.

So… Sorry. My misunderstanding caused me to underestimate the potential need for transplant material by a freaking order of magnitude. Times two.

Looking at ChinCOVID fatality rates for my age group (and bearing in mind that unlike the majority od deaths I’m not obese, diabetic, hypertensive, etc.), and that post-jab myocarditis cases are 79% male…

I’m at a far greater risk of death from the jab than I am from the disease that I haven’t gotten during 21 months of plandemic.

And that’s just myocarditis, never mind all the other adverse effects.

If you attempt to “vaccinate” me with that shit, I will offer you a gun violence vaccination. Two doses to the chest, and a booster shot to the head.

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2 thoughts on “ChinCOVID Pseudo-Vax and Myocarditis; My Bad”

    1. “about 1.4 Million Bux per transplant”

      And let’s not forget the lifelong requirement for — expensive — immunosuppressant drugs, so you don’t reject the shiny new ticker.

      Thanks for the link. I do drop by your blog on occasion. Your theory? Well, let’s just say that China’s harvesting habit has been noted in conversations around here.

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