More ChinCOVID Panic-Pushing From CBS

Oh my. Montana sure is in trouble. Maybe.

Montana hospital ICU reaches 150% capacity amid surge of COVID-19 cases
In Billings, Montana, emergency room doctor Jamiee Belsky can barely keep up with the surge of new COVID-19 patients.

“So we are — we’re getting short on beds,” she said.

Um… 150% of capacity would be more beds in use than they have, not “getting short on beds.”

How short is that Billings clinic? I’m glad you asked. This short: 3 beds open, as of 9/27. 37 ICU patients, half of which are not COVID. Statewide, 20% of ICU beds are available

Ventilators? 43 ventilated, only 9 of which are COVID patients. Statewide, 77% of ventilators are available.

Now, about the case surge. Yes, there was one. It peaked 3 weeks ago. That peak was 163 daily cases lower than the November 2020 peak. And somehow the state, allegedly being overwhelmed by the lower peak it’s passed, survived the earlier, greater surge.

Go peddle your BS elsewhere, Meg Oliver. I don’t need your ignorant fear-mongering in my news feeds.

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