[Updated] Did you hear about Florida air travel getting shut down on Friday?

Depending on where you get what passes for “news,” you probably didn’t. I’m seeing zero about this mainstream national news feeds. There’s some local coverage, but it all follows the official FAA line: “Disruptive weather” and an unexpected ATC staffing issue.

I live in the area. There was no weather that would shut down air travel statewide. We did have some brief, heavy rain, but nothing unusual in the slightest for this area.

The Air Traffic Control “staffing issue” was a mass walkout/sickout (I’ve seen it put both ways) of controllers at the Jacksonville ATC center…

Over the ChinCOVID pseudo-vax mandate.

Jacksonville is the regional control center for the southeast US; they control five states. So this hit a little more than even just the entire state of Florida. But national “news” media?


Can’t let the gullible masses realize how much pseudo-vax opposition there is. Or how badly it’s already affecting the economy. Not just passenger travel; think air cargo (mail, Fedex, DHL, etc).

Who remembers the ’81 PATCO strike?

Update: Suddenly it’s a little less clear who all walked out. While ATC staffing issues are still cited, I’m now seeing reports like this one, that Southwest Airlines employees walked out over its pseudo-vax mandate.

Did FAA controllers and Southwest workers walk? How much of this is the airline and the FAA finger-pointing at each other. I can’t see any reason why Southwest workers walking would prompt the FAA to ground traffic.

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3 thoughts on “[Updated] Did you hear about Florida air travel getting shut down on Friday?”

  1. Ferry workers just walk away in Washington State, Southwest says pilots have until Thanksgiving to get the kill shot err I mean not-a-vax.
    Meanwhile Beijing Biden advanced one level on Super Mario Kart!
    Maybe the replacements could be promoted to airline pilot in the spirit of the peoples collective unity?
    Forward…the Great Reset Leap Forward! Yes we can.
    You will only hear about any of it from Patriot pages and good on them, may they keep going until the swamp pulls the plug or comrade kommissar Schwab of SPECTRE gets the biometric ID to get online up and running after taking over Fakebook.

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