Another Pseudo-Vax Passport Scheme

And it’s… troubling.This comes from a video that apparently was part of a presentation at the World Economic Forum. It’s another smartphone QR code thing, but it isn’t based on being entered into a database when you are jabbed.

Users will have their blood screened at an approved CovidPass laboratory…

Before being issued with a secure QP health visa via their phone.

CovidPass’s creators say that using blood test data, it’s 100% reliable.

That link is at The Conservative Treehouse, and it gets into conspiracy theory territory. But their questions are legit.

What kind of blood test for the jab (apparently any of the multiples) can be 100% reliable?

For a few weeks post-jab with the mRNA/DNA-coding for protein spikes type jabs, a blood test could show spike proteins circulating (which I suspect is part of the recent surge in positive PCR tests). But that’s only for a few weeks.

For a few months, they could do antibody testing. But there are two issues there. For one, it wouldn’t differentiate between jab-induced antibodies and infection-induced antibodies. For another, antibodies don’t permanently circulate; AB production drops off and stops after the pathogen is eliminated.

In either event, spike protein or antibody, neither test is 100%. Read the news and you’ll see plenty of reports about false positives and negatives.

So what would this blood test look for that conclusively indicates that one has received one of any of the many pseudo-vaccines, 100% of the time?

With our would-be lords and masters saying stuff like this, it’s no wonder the conspiracy-prone keep worrying about mystery markers in the pseudo-vaxxes. (And if anyone is interested, I’d be happy to explain why the RFID chip theory really isn’t physically — physics — possible with our technology.)

(Hat tip to Vin Suprynowicz for the link.)

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