Video Tutorials on How to Conduct Election Fraud

Watch these videos out of Coffee County, Georgia.

In the first, elections director Misty Martin demonstrates how to change, add, and delete votes for candidates in the Dominion tabulating system.

Part two shows how being just 6-8 feet away from the screen makes it impossible to see what she’s doing.

Georgia’s redundant “voting systems implementation manager” explains it all away.

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting systems implementation manager, criticized Martin’s demonstration during a briefing at the Georgia Capitol on Thursday, according to Georgia Public Broadcasting.

According to Sterling, the process Martin showed is meant to be performed during the adjudication process in the presence of a full voter review panel with the system logging the changes and showing who made them for later review.

“I can go in the street and shoot someone, that would be against the law,” Sterling said. “What she was doing would be against the law, if she did that. So it’s a little disingenuous to say, ‘Oh, it’s a massive hole in the system.’ No, it’s how the system is supposed to work.”

It fucking well is a massive hole. One you can — and may have — drive an election through. That is either piss poor software design, or an excellent design for fraud. Allow me to explain.

There is no good reason to even have the capability to send all ballots to adjudication. But if for some valid reason you think you should be able to do that, engaging that feature should require logins by at least two authorized individuals. That way, a dishonest poll worker cough Fulton County cough could not do it on the sly, without supervision.

But let’s say the tabulating system is not set to send all ballots to adjudication, only those that show some issure on scan: over-vote, under-vote, whatever. To actually make a change to the ballot should again require authorization from at least two individuals, just to keep everyone honest.

Yes, the review panel is supposed to be in there. But as designed, a worker can do this without the panel knowing it. And they have to be in the room, close enough to see what is happening on the screen

As Coffee County just demonstrated.

Of course, even the authorizations won’t help when the election officials are all in on the fraud cough Fulton County cough and just throw everyone else out and proceed to generate all the votes they need to out-weigh the rest of the state.

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