I am no longer assembled with 100% OEM parts.

Extrmely short version:

Bad accident Saturday. Discover new, potentially lethal definition of level 10 pain

Surgery to remove broken parts.

Surgery next day to install after-market replacements.

Stil to come physical & occupational therapy.

More pain.

Bills, bills, bills ad infinitum which I have idea how to pay.

TL;DR: I’m fucked.

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5 thoughts on “I am no longer assembled with 100% OEM parts.”

  1. Workers Comp, and AD&D, for gigolos is the pits. But, the retirement plan is not bad 🙄😁Seriously, Refuah Shaleima, Bear.

    1. been unemployed for months, self-employed before that. workers comp not really possible.

      case manager said he try to get me approved for disability. bog knows i am.

      a UJHealth nurse persoinally dug up some contacts she has for groups that with va benefits

      If hollywood cn use a crippled but competent armorer, i might be able to do that. Before the ambulalance came I recall drawoing my sidearm, dropping the mag, eject chamber round, and leaving slifde locked bavk got home anf locked back pistol, sepated mag and exactly wgere i recalled asking sistet to put ’em. that was durinmy level 10 pain, shortly discovering new level ten. lets see G_Reed do that.

      suppose theres always gofundme or like but i’m not the kind of person whose story wins hearts and donation. curmudgeon.

      if someone need detail email phone number. talking easier than typing.

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