Oh, yeah. One last thing before a nap.

Being admitted to the hospital, I had to have a ChinCOVID test. PCR-type.


Would the Claire’s Cabal assholes who swore my lack of a mask, or pseudo-vax, was somehow going to kill them (over a computer forum; corona virus, not computer?), please tell me how much it’s going to take? It’s been almost two years now.

Of course, since at least of those was threatening to preemptively shoot maskless people in “self defense,” they may no longer be among the living anyway.

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One thought on “Oh, yeah. One last thing before a nap.”

  1. If anything, UN-VACCINATED people are more at risk from VACCINATED people.

    If you get the shot or not :
    You can get COVID
    You can be asymptomatic
    You can be contagious
    You can be hospitalized and/or die.
    You have a 99% plus chance of survival.

    The statistics SUGGEST that your COVID will be less severe.

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