Rittenhouse Prosecutor “Baldwins” Court Room

Seriously, DA Binger (Urban Dictionary needs a secondary def where “binger” equals “fucking reckless idiot”) pointed an AR-15 at the court room

…with his finger on the trigger.

And the asshole calls Rittenhouse “reckless”?

If I’d been in that court room, I’d be filing a criminal threatening complaint against him.


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2 thoughts on “Rittenhouse Prosecutor “Baldwins” Court Room”

  1. I wouldn’t feel very threatened if I’d seen them demonstrate that the weapon was unloaded. Lighten up, Francis.

    1. I just get a little nervous when a prosecutorial team that has demonstrated either little knowledge of, or deliberate lies, regarding firearms manages to break AT LEAST three of the four basic safety rules.

      I have disarmed people for lesser violations.

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