So We’re Better Off Now After Almost A Year Of Senile Gropin’ Joe

Or so he said. Lessee…

I lost my paying gig.

I’m at nearly nearly record level broke.

Had to replace my phone (thanks, folks).

I got my hip replaced. (I’ve settled most of the bills, so far. I had some generous contributions –mostly family — which went to paying off the large ambulance bill. I have another post-surgical follow-up appointment this month, and I have a choice between paying for that or paying for another month of Internet service.)

Blogging and columns are still sadly lacking because it’s uncomfortable to sit long enough to properly research stuff. Standing is a little better, but I still have to lay down and get the weight off my hip.

Inflation? All a figment of my imagination. The administration assures us it has nothing to do with the trillions in funny money they pumped into the system. It’s all greedy companies raising prices for no good reason.

The shortages at the stores have nothing to do with the supply chain issues Joe already fixed. We’re all just buying stuff so fast they can’t keep the shelves stocked.

But hey! I’m off the walker and the cane. <i>And</i> the oxycodone. Thanks, Joe!

Not actually a bleg. I gave that up when I realized I should have called my hip a transmission. I’ll start selling stuff. Got an AR and a pile of ammo that ain’t doing nothing (can’t afford range fees either).

So how did Prez Xiden improve your life?

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