Mid-Terms: Time To Change The Message

“The overwhelming number of [COVID-19] deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least four co-morbidities. So really these are people who were unwell to begin with.”
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky

ChinCOVID panic was a really useful tool for terrorizing Americans in 2020, setting the stage for unaccountable mail-in and dropbox balloting (just made for fraud). But now that the BS is becoming clearer to more people, the pseudo-medical tyranny is loosing the shine. Instead of fear, shutdowns, jobs lost, shelves scantily stocked are just pissing everyone off. That’s never a good thing for the party in power come election time.

Its usefulness fading, it’s time for ChinCOVID to go away. Preferably just in time for the Biden puppeteers to declare that he fixed it, as promised in his basement campaign.

So the message now is:

  • Omicron is hardly more than a cold.
  • Deaths are down; see, the pseudo-vaccines worked!
  • It’s now people who are already “unwell” who are dying, not otherwise healthy people.
  • Problem solved!

While the abrupt change in message will continue to piss off many who saw through the crap to begin with, it will work on much of the Dim-ocRats target demographic: stupid urban parasites. And the Dims need them this year.

The 2020 election fraud was so blatant that many states changed laws to prevent the worst of it repeating. And, sadly to say, there are angry people this close to doing something about a repeat personally, aand the hell with the courts.

So The Dims need to recoup voters; they just can’t risk fraud on the 2020 scale again (any time soon, at least).

Of course, Repugnatcans have a messaging problem, too, which has prompted their own changes. Georgia exemplifies it.

Governor Kemp and Secretary of Scum Raffensperger spent the past 17 months saying the elections were just fine, no fraud here, nothing to see, move along now. Oh, Kemp very briefly promised a real forensic audit. But quite coincidentally did an abrupt 180 immediately after the odd crash that killed his daughter’s boyfriend.

But now it’s 2022, and the Reps have a potentially serious voter turn-out problem (foreshadowed by the 2021 Senate run-offs, when many conservative saaw no point in botheri g when Raffensperger enabled more fraud by unlawfully and unconstitutionally opening up voter registration for the run-offs). So the Rep message had to change.

Whoa! We just found evidence of fraud, and we’ll — at least pretend to — carefully investigate now. So vote for us!

Yeah, no. Raffensperger is the one who agreed to unlawfully allow all those unattended dropboxes, and Kemp is the one who let him do it. (And what happened to the unaccounted-for Zuckerbucks? Who got that?)

So read those messages. Between the lines.

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