[Update] Suck It Up, Sotomayor

I’m not seeing the problem here.

Gorsuch Is Only Justice to Refuse to Wear a Mask for High-Risk Sotomayor, NPR Says
Justice Neil Gorsuch is reportedly the only member of the Supreme Court to refuse to wear a mask to help protect his colleague Justice Sonia Sotomayor, whose diabetes puts her at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19. NPR reports that after Sotomayor made clear she felt vulnerable amid an Omicron-driven surge in cases, Chief Justice John Roberts asked the other justices to wear a mask on the bench. All of them did except Gorsuch, who also happens to sit next to Sotomayor, according to NPR. As a result, Sotomayor has attended weekly conferences remotely.

If masks work, why can’t Sotomayor just wear one and do her damned job?

Maybe she can demand the other justices eat dietetic candy to protect her from diabetes.

Added: This is pretty funny. The reason I even heard about Gorsuch refusing to mask up to “protect” the moron is this:

Supreme Court rejects bid to block mask mandate on airplanes
The emergency application was filed by a father on behalf of himself and his 4-year-old autistic son, both of whom claim to be medically incapable of wearing masks for extended periods.

Their request was filed to Justice Neil Gorsuch, who handles emergency applications arising in several Western states, and he referred the matter to the full court. The justices denied the request without comment or noted dissent.

Gorsuch personally referred a mask mandate challenge to the full court, but didn’t even bother dissenting on the cert denial. I’m pretty sure he only referred it just to piss off Sotomayor.

Added 2: Apparently the mask conflict was made up by NPR, and isn’t true. I dunno.

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