Penske Raises Censorship To A New Level

US Freedom Convoy Trucker Left Stranded After Penske Corporation Turns Off Power Remotely to His Rental Truck
Texas Trucker Jeff Sandberg was left stranded this week after Penske Corporation turned off the power remotely to his truck.

Sandberg was heading to Washington DC with the Freedom Convoy truckers.
Penske shut down his vehicle on the road and later released a statement on how the company does not support the freedom protests.

Bull. Shit. If you agree, and wish to share your thoughts with Penske, you can call them at 844-210-6887. They have online contact forms here

Dear Penske,

I am aware of your company remotely disabling a truck rented by Jeff Sandberg, solely because of his participation in the “People’s Convoy.” As a result, the next time I need to rent a truck, I absolutely will not consider your company.

Allow me to explain the fine points that you apparently missed.

Mr. Sandberg had a contract with you. You violated it.

You violated the contract solely because your company disagrees with a perfectly lawful, First Amendment protected activity. If you are hazy on that, here is the pertinent language:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Peaceably assemble to petition the government; that is exactly what these people, and Mr. Sandberg, are doing. The organizers have assured us they intend to avoid unlawful activities. Individuals participating have stated the same.

If I were silly enough to rent a truck from you, to move my hosehold, I might be at risk of stranding because I blog (1st Amendment) about government misconduct and overreach. I might be at risk if you believe I am transporting perfectly lawful, 2nd Amendment protected, defensive tools tof which maybe you also disapprove. If you so violated our contract, I would be out time and money. I cannot risk that. You cannot be trusted.

If you disapprove of Mr. Sandberg’s — or my theoretical — Constitutionally protected opnions, the time to express that was before you took Mr. Sandberg’s — or theoretically mine — money. You should have declined to enter into a contract, just as I now decline to enter into a contract with you.

Penske clearly has no respect for the Constitution or the law. Contract law, for instance.

I believe your actions may endanger lives. Imagine that I had been stupid enough to rent your truck, and as I drove down US 64 in New Mexico on a hot summer day, you killed my vehicle for wrongthink. Assuming the vehicle safely stops…

Do I have sufficient water to survive until someone comes along that lonely road and rescues me? Would my cell phone work, to call for help (probably, if your kill order made it through; depends on the system you use)?

What if I had small children with me?

I do hope Mr. Sandberg sues the bejeezus out of Penske for your unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, and dangerous vehicular censorship.


Carl Bussjaeger

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2A advocate, writer, firearms policy & law analyst, general observer of pre-apocalyptic American life.

5 thoughts on “Penske Raises Censorship To A New Level”

    1. Nope. I’m pretty free with expletives in casual writing, but when I’m sending a message like this, I consider the audience. Sometimes expletives, when unexpected, grab the reader’s attention. For this, I think the utter lack thereof will make it stand from most of what I’d bet they’re getting.

  1. He’ll lose money big time now that the Indy 500 is just another weekend event with hardly any American drivers.
    That area of town is fundamentally transformed as well but they keep the area around the track very nice.
    Family has multiple generations of truckers and with pics of convoys they will go through and know which ones have the GPS and turn off from home base features.
    Surely there is some tech savvy mech/tech who knows how to turn these off or jam?

    1. I don’t know the specific system Penske uses, but basically disable the vehicle’s cell/wifi. A few years ago on some makes, it was as easy as disconnecting the antenna.

      Or so I heaard.

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