Deadly Assault Camel

Common-sense camel control now!

Camel attacks and kills two people near Tennessee petting zoo
Two people are dead after being attacked by a “loose camel” near a Tennessee petting zoo, authorities said Friday. Officials put the camel down “for the safety of everyone on scene.”

The Obion County Sheriff’s Office said it received reports of a camel on the loose that was attacking people Thursday afternoon near the Shirley Farms petting zoo. Deputies found two unconscious victims on the ground upon arriving at the scene and the camel was still on the loose, Sheriff Karl Jackson said Friday.

In audio obtained by CBS News, a dispatcher can be heard reporting “two 911 calls of two people being viciously attacked by a camel at Shirley Farms.”

Weird as this is, the most bizarre aspect seems to be location. Tennessee?

I dunno. We’re still weeks away from April 1.

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3 thoughts on “Deadly Assault Camel”

  1. Was in Kuwait as a contractor. Had a camel at the Company Christmas party… ornery mean as hell animal.. damned thing took a big assed chunk out of my right shoulder and wouldn’t let go until I cold cocked it. Yeah, no shit… just like in Conan I left hooked the sumbitch hard so he’d let go… left deep bruises…

    1. Despite a fair bit time in the Middle East, I have zero experience with camels. But from all my reading, and Internet videos, camels are universally nasty. Nearly every video is camels biting, spitting on, sitting on, kicking, or trampling people.

  2. I love that video of people getting out of their cars with children at a tiger farm somewhere in Africa.
    Thankfully it ended well.
    A raccoon on the porch tried to bite my arm but the dermis is thick.
    Before Red State cracked down a buddy had an albino cobra with red eyes that was fed baby mice, one slip during feeding time could be dangerous.

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