More Biden In Poland

For any Poles and Ukrainians watching Biden’s touchy-feely interactions with Ukrainian refugee girls, holding her and telling them he loves her, and that he wants to take her home, and wondering if that’s an “American thing”…

No. It’s a Biden-is-a-senile-pervert thing.

Well, the senility only aggravates it. He’s been perving on young girls long before the dementia became so noticeable.

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2 thoughts on “More Biden In Poland”

  1. Selective Service is sending out tweets for conscientious objectors to do some other work for the comrades of the glorious unity collective.
    All must sacrifice for the CPUSA crime families and there will be no shirking.
    We’re all in this together and some nomenklatura apparatchiks must live the golden life while the unwashed proles eat the bugs in the pod while owning nothing.

  2. Iraq Part III with White Europeans while the burning it all down better of the former representative republic continues.
    The battle for who will lead the NWO means lose/lose for the taxable unit serfs of all stripes and colors across the globe.
    We have always been at war with Eurasia.

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