I Think The Biden-Reagan Comparison Is Quite Apt

Dementia Boy Gropin’ Joe raised eyebrows when he called for the removal of Putin from power. While other world leaders cringed, American lefties are praising his… strength, comparing the senile bastard to Ronald Reagan. Usually and specifically, Reagan’s “tear down that wall” moment.

Over at PJ Media, the sense is that the comparison in inappropriate. Au contraire. It’s perfect.

[Irony Alert: I’m going to cite Snopes.com, because it’s… just perfect. Hilariously so.]

Did Ronald Reagan Have Alzheimer’s Disease While in Office?
It has long been rumored that President Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease years before it was diagnosed in 1994, five years after he left office.

As Snopes notes, the media spent most of Reagan’s terms questioning his mental fitness. Every little lapse (and some not so little) was proof that the Gipper wasn’t fit for office. To be fair, when Reagan’s eventual, post-presidency, announcement that he had Alzheimer’s came out, my personal reaction was, “No kidding.” I had suspected it since the 1981 incident in which the US Navy shot down a couple of Libyan fighters, and no woke Reagan to tell him, because he was an old man and needed his sleep.

But somehow the same Left sees no problem with Biden forgetting which office he was running for during his campaign, or inexplicably walking out out frame during a campaign speech, while talking to his cell phone. Or his frequent references to the Harris Administration and President Harris.

Or confusing the Vice President’s husband with the First Lady’s husband. And calling VP’s hubbie the Second Lady.

Of course, a constant feature of Biden’s White House career is his inability to keep his hands and nose off young children, and his confusion over why some people might have a prob with his kissing and groping kids.

[fast forward past many other examples]

And now he’s gone to Poland. Where he told US troops that they’ve going to Ukraine, and that some of them already have.

[insert more inappropriate behavior with young girls]

And we’re back where this piece started, with Biden calling for Russian regime change. Until the WH issued a statement that the Dodderd-In-Chief didn’t mean what he actually said. Again; rather like the WH had just released a statement that he didn’t mean US troops were going to Ukraine like he’d just told them they were.

But why stop there? Biden seemingly can’t recall watching confirmation hearings for his SCOTUS nominee.

JOE BIDEN: “I didn’t get a chance to see any of” Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing

RANDOM BIDEN STAFFER: “The president watched portions of Judge Jackson’s hearing yesterday and today…He was also moved by the grace and dignity she has shown”

Is the Prez senile, or all the White House staff? (Wait… those may not be mutually exclusive.)

So, yeah. It makes me happy to see CBS et al suddenly discover that Biden has a lot in common with another Alzheimer’s patient after all.

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