Oscars Music: Let’s Offend Everyone

Aside from the Smith-Rock cage match, I heard that the music was offensively controversial because they played Toto’s Africa when a black actress came up.

Shoot. They want offensive? I can do offensive when I put my mind to it. Heck, even when I don’t.

They could have played Nigga Nigga Nigga for her.

Some white actor? White Christmas

Asian? Turning Japanese by The Vapors.

Latino? La Cucaracha.

I know! For Best Picture they could have gone with Do You Hear What I Hear?

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One thought on “Oscars Music: Let’s Offend Everyone”

  1. That is their best song besides Hold the Line and the extended remix is awesome.
    We used to jam that in the van on the way to Lake Wottahoochee.
    How about Tequila for “Latinx” comrades?
    Don’t call me N’ Whitey by Sly and the Family Stone is a good one.
    A box wine auntie thought the homo thugs bitchslap was part of the act!

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