[ UPDATED: More] If Raffensperger isn’t in jail without bond on election day, there’s no point in voting.

BREAKING: Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections Holds Hearing on Voting Machine Irregularities AND IT’S DEVASTATING! – LIVE-STREAM VIDEO
On election night election officials ran 15,000 ballots five times and got five different answers. They could NEVER duplicate the results from the Dominion voting machines!

15,000. 5 times.

Georgia County Official: Raffensperger Sent Armed Secretary of State Agents with Handcuffs to the County After They Complained about the Inaccurate Dominion Machines (VIDEO)
On Wednesday morning a Coffee County official spoke before Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections. The woman told the subcommittee that when their county complained to Secretary of State Raffensperger about the voting machines and the recounts Secretary Raffensperger sent armed Secretary of State officials with handcuffs and two Dominion operators to the county.

Guns and handcuffs. For pointing out a serious problem with the election.

Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Unanimously Passes Motion to Audit Fulton County’s Absentee Ballots Using Method Outlined by Jovan Pulitzer
“I don’t care about the machine. I don’t even care about the code that was written in the machine. What I care about is that physical artifact [ballot] and that physical artifact has material differences district to district that should not be there.”

RAFFENSPERGER GETS CAUGHT: Georgia Ballots Were Printed DIFFERENTLY for GOP Counties vs. DEM Counties — Election Was Rigged!:
On Tuesday Jovan Pulitzer revealed the differences between votes printed for Democrat precincts versus Republican precincts.

The Republican precincts had a barcode up in the right-hand corner.

The votes from two different areas are printed differently.
This caused GOP votes to get kicked out by the Dominion machines.

And that is not just locals fucking around. That is the Dominion voting machines printing different ballots according to the political leaning of precincts.

And never forget that Raffensperger violated the state constitution by opening up new voter registration for the run-off.

Georgia Constitution. Article II, Section II, Paragraph II:
Paragraph II. Run-off election. A run-off election shall be a continuation of the general election and only persons who were entitled to vote in the general election shall be entitled to vote therein; and only those votes cast for the persons designated for the runoff shall be counted in the tabulation and canvass of the votes cast.

I keep getting Republican flyers saying everyone needs to vote so that the pro-Loeffler & Perdue margins are so high that cheating can’t steal the election. With shit like this, it’s impossible to have that great a margin.

Added, 12/31: No surprise.

BREAKING: Witness claims he hacked into Georgia election system and it’s improperly connected to the internet
“At this very moment at a polling location in [Fulton] county, not only do we now have access to the devices to the poll pad—the system—but we are in. It’s not supposed to have WiFi, and that’s not supposed to be able to happen,” Pulitzer told state legislators at the hearing, noting that his team has documented the alleged incident.

What do you want to bet that Secretary of Scum Raffensperger has him charged in 3… 2… 1…

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