“Just how blackmail-able is President Biden?”

That’s the question Mike Huckabee asked. And he outlines quite a bit of Hunter-related details to suggest that the SOB (Senile Old Bastard) is eminently blackmailable, especially by China.

For most folks, it would appear to be a good case. But Mr. Huckabee is overlooking a very important point.

Blackmail requires a couple of elements.

1. The perp has to have (or appear to have) dirt on the subject.

2. The subject has to give a shit. He has to fear consequences of the dirt going public.

In Biden’s case, I’m fairly confident that #1 is in place. But #2? Not so much. The Biden’s have never faced any significant consequences for actions in the past, so I don’t see Gropin’ Joe sweating any now.

The problem isn’t that the Perv-In-Chief is blackmailable; it’s that he’s eminently — and demonstrably — buyable.

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