So I woke up this morning to the news that an alleged draft of a SCOTUS decision in DOBBS v. JACKSON WOMEN’S HEALTH has been leaked and published by Politico. It would essentially overturn ROE v. WADE.

Given the current political/social state of America, the only reason to leak such a first draft document, real or fake, is to incite — at best — civil unrest; at worst, rioting.

Heads better roll.

“This leak has to come from a clerk or Justice themselves. It is intended to blow up the court. Criminal investigation needs to happen now.”

They suggest Sotomayor has most radical leftist staff.

I agree. This appears to be an attempt to destroy one of three constitutional branches of American government. You want “insurrection“? I’ve see your insurrection right here. It doesn’t even matter if the draft is real, or a riot-inducing hoax. Let’s see the Dims investigate this.

Politico damned well better be included in the scrutiny. Whether they published this for clicks, as outright accessories, or some combination of the two, they are culpable in every single likely bit of coming violence.

And, yeah; I figure violence is guaran-damned-teed, given the unhinged status of the Left. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so.

And it will be started by the pro-abortion Left. It would seem that the anti-abortion side has nothing to riot over; looks like they won. They stand around peacefully praying, offering thanks to God. Right up until they likely find themselves forced to defend themselves against psychotic pro-abortion types who’ve snapped at the loss.

Riots were not on my birthday wishlist.

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One thought on “SCOTUS Leak”

  1. Whom ever gets charged for the Leak..
    Should also have any and all of the coming Assault, Murder and Rioting charges placed against them as Unindicted Conspirators.

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