FRAUD. Yes. Now What?




<Your status in Hell is determined by the size of the honor guard you bring along.


Weeks before the November election, I predicted that we would see the most fraudulent election in American history.

I was right.

The mainstream media tells us there’s no evidence of that. YES. THERE. IS.

I’m not going to get into the Kraken-style international conspiracy stuff. While some is provisionally credible, too damned much is poorly supported, or unsupported, claims. I think the people concentrating on that, instead actual documented acts, are hurting their own cases. At best, this stuff addresses motivations. I’m largely ignoring it to focus on what happened, not why.

Check federal law on what constitutes court-admissable evidence. I did. Sworn eyewitness testimony is evidence. Video is evidence. Photographs are evidence Expert stastistical analysis is evidence. State election records showing more votes counted than cast is evidence.

Focusing on Georgia, the mainstream media claims that no one has presented evidence of fraud; they say the courts threw out such “evidence” as not being proof. THAT. IS. A. LIE.

In Georgia, nearly every case has been dismissed for lack of standing, so the judge has an excuse to not even look at the evidence or let a jury see it.

I bypass the mainstream media and go to the sources. I’ve read through several hundred pages of sworn affidavits (that’s evidence given under penalty for perjury if they lied). I’ve read I-don’t-even-know-how-many-pages of expert statistical analyses (evidence). I’ve watched hours and hour of video of acts (evidence). I’ve reviewed photograghs (evidence). I even check metadata like EXIF to verify images.

I’ve seen the pictures and video of the pallet of pristine “ballots” delivered to the Fulton County election official. And more.

I’ve seen the affidavit of the person swearing to have seen military absentee ballots that were pristine: perfectly filled-out and never folded (evidence) that went 90% Biden. Our Secretary of Scum Raffensperger says the signature-verification audit of those shows they were legit. NO. That shows that the ballot security envelopes were probably legitimate, but that says nothing about the validity of the never-folded ballots that got counted, that were never in those envelopes.

The mainstream media won’t show you that. The major social networking platforms censor attempts to show you. At least one state AG is threatening witnesses for speaking out.

So much for the soap box.

And the stolen election? Voting on a compromised system that let’s thermostats and televisions access the voting system network?<

Ballot Box

Jury box? Whether it is political bias or cowardice (Gee, I don’t want to be the one who makes this controversial decision and risk doxxing and riots by the Left.), the courts have killed that. If a lawful voter has no standing to challenge obvious “irregularities,” WTF does?

Jury Box

Folks with a very legitimate grievance are being left with very few options.

I have warned about this before.

In our hopefully hypothetical scenario, you just reduced at least 40,000,000 people to that same desperate status malum prohibitum. Some might give up immediately. Some might fold when faced with force.

But if just 1% of that 40,000,000 said, “Fuck it, I’m taking some assholes out with me,” you’ve got 400,000 heavily armed noncompliant sons of bitches (HANSOBs) out for blood.

Whose blood? For starters, the ones they see as immediately responsible for the mass violation of their rights. Then the idiot celebrities, media hairsprayheads, and ignorant useful idiots [yes, Emma, David, Delaney] who pushed it.

Then they’ll look around and think, “I’ve got nothing left to lose now. How ’bout that mother-effer in the Zoning Department who made me tear down my deck after I spent ten grand on it?”

Or county weasels spending millions of dollars on an unapproved spaceport. Or the principal who threw your kid out of school because he got beat up.

Maybe that neighbor who always mows his grass at 11PM on Sunday night. And sprays his clippings on your manicured yard.

Make your own list. Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose, as the lady informed us.

We are running out of options. Right now, we’re down to 1) just keep begging for the rule of law and our constitutions, 2) rolling over and accepting the coming socialist hell, and 3…

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

After the first, the rest are free.

I’m still trying for 1) begging. Please. Number 2, socialist hell is completely unacceptable.

But it scares the hell out of me that there are very likely an extremely large number of likewise extremely pissed-off-by- being-disenfranchised-through-fraud people who are this fucking close to going Ramboing.

And for those that these people are angry at — election officials, politicians, judges et al? Leslie Fish has a message for them, too.

Up to the dusty attic
Out with the trusty gun
The lawyers and the law books only go so far
Sooner or later, push gonna come to shove
Don’t think that it won’t happen where you are
No High Ground
No High Ground
No High Ground anymore




<Your status in Hell is determined by the size of the honor guard you bring along.


No high ground.

Please don’t push people to this, fraudsters. You had to steal the election because the people who oppose your plans are in the majority; if they had agreed with you, fraud would not have been necessary.

You are out-numbered. You may think it doesn’t matter, that the vast majority will passively comply.

It only took four people.

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3 thoughts on “FRAUD. Yes. Now What?”

  1. Thank you for the free advertising of my songs, and I certainly don’t disagree with your article, but I’m obliged to point out that besides the Four Boxes you mention, there’s another tactic. Go look up the words “White Mutiny”, “Work to the Rule”, “Malicious Compliance”, “General Strike”, and finally “Massive Passive Resistance”. Those tactics work. Perhaps I should write a song about them, too.

    –Leslie < Fish

    1. Huh. I hadn’t thought of it as advertising; just entertainingly to the point. But if it helps pay your bills, so much the better. I’ve been a fan of your music for many years; you might even recall a short story — DJ — that used “No High Ground” as it’s basis.

      I’m… something of a fan of malicious compliance:

      Malicious Compliance (2015)

      Malicious Compliance Revisited (2019)

  2. I’ve long thought that Leslie’s songs (and Kipling’s poems) need to be called to the attention of a wider audience, especially among classical liberals (“the Right”).
    … But we can’t sing in public now! That spreads the Wing Bat Flu! Only Progressives are allowed to sing!

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