At Least Babylon Bee Has The Decency To Label Its Site Fake News

More and more, it’s getting harder to tell parody from… someone being serious. Latest case in point: this gun ammunition control LtE.

Letter — Control ammunition to control guns
Automatic weapons with performance very similar to the AR15 have been known since a patent was issued to Remington in about 1918. See: (

That’s factually wrong on so many points.

  • automatic weapons similar in performance to the semi-auto AR-15
  • machine guns since 1918??
  • the Pedersen device was a machine gun???

Full auto differs greatly from semi-auto.

Pinning down the “first” machine gun is tricky, given the gradual evolution of firearm firing multiple rounds at a time… since the 16th century at least. Probably the first practical, commercial machine gun was the Maxim Gun in 1884, not decades later in 1918.

The Pedersen device? A semi-auto conversion for the Springfield ’03. Not a machine gun even by the most warped ATF decision.

At this point, Mr. Ligon pulled out his shovel and started digging.

But really the problem is that it’s not actually a matter of controlling the guns. Guns do nothing without ammunition. But the government seems to have no interest in controlling ammunition.

Ah! We don’t need gun control; we just need to control ammunition (which magically isn’t gun control. Oh. Wait…

If you fix things so that if you have all guns registered then in order to buy ammunition you need to produce this registration.

I’m pretty effin’ sure universal firearm/owner registration is gun control. (And will Ligon volunteer to canvas the ‘hoods to register gangbangers’ unlawfully possessed firearms?)

Forget the shovel. Pickaxe? Nah. Ligon goes full backhoe.

I suggested many years ago that we tag our ammunition with compounds that produce very strong odors and are not dangerous themselves. Such compounds exist but no one chooses to use them. If such materials were used we would know when someone was using “legal” ammunition, If you did not use legal ammunition you could be arrested.

Lemme wrap my head around this. Legal ammo would stink. Illegal ammo would not. Ammo that doesn’t stink would be probable cause for arrest.

So… presumably walking around with no firearm visible (presumed conceal carry) without stinking would be probably cause as well.

Gonna be a bitch for the nonputrescent noncarriers getting busted left and right.

He even tosses in the semi- (or is that full-) obligatory Public Broadcasting Service reference, so you’ll know where he gets his reliable data.

This either near-masterful parody of an ignorant victim-disarmer, or the real thing. I can no longer reliably tell the difference.

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2 thoughts on “At Least Babylon Bee Has The Decency To Label Its Site Fake News”

  1. They won’t stop until we stop them . I was afraid it would come to this . No Christian man wants to fight . Even though he knows he must . I will not let my children be enslaved .

  2. He must have a brother. This is from a post on Nextdoor.: William Simard • Richland Meadows
    Even the slightest regulation is voted down by both parties by over 98%. It’s the reason, a 13 year old can walk into any gun store and buy a 50 cal. Machine Gun. It is insanity. But my vote doesn’t count. I wish our government cared that much about free speech.
    28 Apr
    Barb F.
    Barb F.
    • Quakertown, PA
    I doubt 13 yo are getting guns from a gun shop.
    28 Apr

    Mike McL
    • Quakertown
    LoL. Wow. That’s such blatant hogwash.
    6 days ago
    • Richland Meadows
    Seriously, saw it, said something, was almost shot. Will never go in one again. If Walmart Ever brings them back I will stop going to them too.
    Then he doubles down: William Simard
    • Richland Meadows
    Parents buy guns for their kids all the time. When I was 13 my uncle bought me a M16 or M17, I don’t remember which. I dropped it, and it misfired and I felt the bullet go through my hair. I was shaken for years from that experience and want nothing to do with guns. Two years ago I went to a gun shop, because I wanted to take classes and learn how to safely operate a handgun. Pulling back the slide it slipped and took a chunk out of my right hand. I decided at that moment that a gun is even dangerous not loaded and being on warfarin, I bled, a lot, and had to go to the hospital. I wanted to be able to protect my home, but I am not strong enough to even pull the slide back, or pull the trigger. And in addition to parents and others buying guns for kids, these pop up “gun shows” where people just show up at a church parking lot and sell out the back of their trucks, that is perfectly legal, and a lot of guns are sold that way. My family was in the military, and I have no problem with people who are trained, and responsible owning guns. But last night one of my neighbors, almost too drunk to stand, decided to open the back door and fire off 6 shots from their handgun into the woods. This is a common thing here. A bullet will go through 4 walls easily. It is people like this, who should never be allowed to have a gun. And the families who have children with no electric, no heat, no food, but 35 guns and thousands of rounds of ammo, that makes me cry. I am not a jerk. I don’t call Child Services or the police, but I wish they would stop and think about what is important, and spending money on another gun instead of food for your kids is someone who should not be allowed to keep their children. And even when they remove the kids, it is only for a few short months, if that, and it breaks my heart. I wish I could help, but even just mentioning anything to them and they get very violent. A bullet costs 10 dollars. I had no idea how expensive they were and buying bullets instead of food, I just don’t understand.

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