Cosplay. You’ve seen it. With my old background in SF/F fandom and SCA, I’ve seen a lot if it. People dressing up at characters that they’d like to be, or think is fun.

SCA: Tenth century Vikings, Celts, knights, Ladies and Maids. Whatever.

At cons, I saw a lot of stormtroopers, wizards, and sword-swinging barbarians. Not to mention anime sailors and unicorns. If you can imagine it, someone does it. I knew one guy who put some serious time, money, and effort into his Klingon costume and makeup, and learned to speak Klingon (get a life!).

So when I see this

Is it really protest, or cosplay?

I mean… who dresses up as a NAZI to protest NAZIs?

Are they afraid of a dystopian future, or fantasizing about it?

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