Frickin’ Youtube

I’m trying to listen to some metal on Youtube (mostly Visions of Atlantis, Battle Beast, Within Temptation…), but YT keeps interrupting to show me political ads.

For Stacey Abrams (GA gov) and Rapael Warnock (Sen reelection).

Apparently Abrams is magically single-handedly responsible for Georgia’s film industry.

Warnock’s ads amount to It isn’t my fault. Please re-elect me and I’ll try again.

Unsurprisingly, YT isn’t showing any Republican ads. I don’t know if that’s because they just won’t show them, or if — for just once — the Rs were smart enough not to waste their money advertising on Lefttube.


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One thought on “Frickin’ Youtube”

  1. Like we dont get enough whoring on TV.
    The Internet, which sucls BTW, has to rape us also.
    A 1 hr show is really about 35 min cause the rest are GD Commercials.
    I have to get a new remote, twice a yr because i use the mute button so much.

    Costs me 20 bucks from my provider. I don’t care, its cheaper than buying a new TV 12 or more times a year.

    Drives my wife nuts, tuff shit. I’m payin the damn bills.
    I am so fed up.

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