I’ve been seeing various acknowledgements of anniversaries for blogs. I wish I could do that for myself, but it’s a bit tough.

I was “blogging” before “blog” was even a word. And naturally there was no such thing as a blog content management system in those days.

Back then, what would become known as a blog, I manually drafted in HTML, and posted on my site(s) via FTP. Even now, with the WordPress CMS, I still manually HTML code my posts (which is why I hated WP’s new “block editor”).

And sites… there’s the real rub with picking an anniversary. I’ve migrated from one site host to another to another to Blogger, to WordPress to a WP installation on my own site…

Pick a date, any date.

I originally published a Compuserve (remember that?) web host site back in 1996. I think. It might’ve been ’95 (I was on CS in ’95, but the web site came a bit later). I’ve tried looking through archives for my oldest post, but stuff I know I wrote can’t be found in my files (and they were early enough that wasn’t going to scrape ’em). I suspect I lost that back in the ’00s when a hard drive started crapping out; I never did recover all the files.

The earliest post I can still find was from March 1997. I wrote about a very strange encounter with the St. Louis PD and the FBI (to this day, I do not know WTF that was all about). I republished it a few years ago

…on an old iteration of my blog naturally. See Para. 4.

So I’ve been at this for at least 25 years. Happy belated, sorta anniversary, me. By now, my blog count must be well into the millions of words.


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One thought on “Anniversaries”

  1. Ahhhh, bsck when the Internet was something other than a Shopping Center , a Government Mouth Piece and a Gimme Attention I want Attention display station.

    Those were the days.

    Freeeeeeeeedom !

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