Another Mass Shooting, Another Collection Of Oddities

The Uvalde, Texas school shooting is all over the news this morning, as expected. The latest numbers say:

Kids: 19 dead
Adult VICTIMS: 2
Perp: 1

Another victim seems to be the perp’s Schrodinger’s Grandmother, both wounded but alive and dead, depending on what story you read. I’m failry sure I saw one “news” report that managed to claim both states. (Open the damn box and look.)

I’ve seen reports that a couple of families say their two daughters are still missing and unaccounted for, so the numbers my go up. Damn it.

I saw a photo of a couple of AR-pattern rifle allegedly possessed by the shooter. One is a Daniel Defense (the one scumbag reportedly had at the school); not exactly cheap. I can’t afford one. BigCountryExpat went into that point.

Perp appears to have invested better than $2600 in the DD rifle/sight alone. That’s more than I have in all my firearms, combined. It isn’t as if I was ever made of money, but it does make me wonder where an 18yo (birthdate May 16, 2004) got that money. But it occurred to me that he could have put it on a credit card knowing he’d be gone before the bill showed up in the mail.

According the the ATF, the chumbucket bought the rifles lawfully from a gun store. 4473s are specifically mentioned. For now, I’ll go with that instead of the less credible reports that he amazing bought the two AR-pattern rifles online from Daniel Defense. That scenario seems next to impossible, since one of the rifles doesn’t appear to be a DD model, the rifles were bought no later than May 20 (he would have had to order them online when only 17yo), and he had them in hand by May 24.

Interesting, while brilliant reporters are making unsourced claims that the shooter used both rifles in the attack, Gov Abbott and any official willing to be quoted by name say he had the DD rifle and a handgun, while he had left the other AR- in his wrecked truck. I’ve seen nothing about how the handgun was obtained, nor even which weapon(s) were used.

Sometimes I wish they could take these shooters alive, so we could wring some answers out them (but I’m not about to fault the reported BORTAC agent who took down a killer in action). Then the perp could turned over to victims’ families to let them deal with him as they see fit.

Various reports say the cops were already pursuing this guy after he shot his grandmother. He then wrecked his truck in a drainage ditch near the school, left one rifle behind and headed to the school. I’m inclined to think he planned something, but the school was not a pre-planned target.

At least one report says the cops found the shooter’s pack with his AR- magazines dumped at the school doorway. Again, that doesn’t sound like planning.


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