Broward County Sheriff’s Office is back in the news.

Texas school shooting once again raising safety concerns across South Florida
“Every single one of our officers now has an M4 platform system which is comparable to the AR 15 and the necessary rounds to make sure that we’re going to be successful eliminating this threat,” said [Broward Sheriff Gregory] Tony.

If the functionality of an AR-15 is what you were looking for, why spring for the additional expense of full-auto M4s? The AR-pattern market is extremely competitive; you could have equipped your officers with those a lot cheaper.

“I’ve heard this narrative for years now that, well, the AR 15 is a sport weapon, it’s a match weapon, you can use it for all of these things. No, it’s a combat ready weapon designed to destroy,” he said.

Name the country that generally issues semi-automatic only AR-pattern rifles to it regular troops.

Heck, name the country that generally equips its regular troops with any semi-automatic only rifle.

Tony pointed out that the sheriff’s office has a full time SWAT team that can respond quickly.

So you’ve got a team that can go in. Now all you need is officers who will go…

…instead of hiding and waiting for some other town’s officers to do the job for them.


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