Police Inaction In Texas?

This is the crap popping up in this morning’s news, in regards to the Uvalde school shooting.

Report: Texas Shooter Barricaded Himself for 40 Minutes as Police Waited
The shooter who killed 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday reportedly barricaded himself inside as police waited outside for 40 minutes.

According to people who were present at the scene, terrified parents were yelling at police officers to charge the school for 40 minutes until a Border Patrol team finally took him down.

Should they have gone in sooner? Based on currently available information, I Don’t Know. And neither does almost anyone else. Responders on-scene? Maybe they know.

So far, this doesn’t look like a Parkland “Coward Of Broward” scenario, where the onsite resource officer hid outside without engaging at all. And when other officers from his department showed up, they also failed to do an effing thing. Only when another town’s officers responded and asked, WTF are you doing out here? was action finally taken.

That doesn’t seem to be what happened in Uvalde. Police had engaged. Then there seems to have been a lull while everyone tried to figure details, and plan a further response.

But from past experience with Monday morning second-guessers criticizing cops because they’re cops…

If the police had rushed in instantly, and even a single child was killed by a police bullet in the chaos, the same MFers blaming cops now would be blaming them for not waiting and trying to talk down the poor, confused, it’s-society’s-fault child killer.

Unless/until information comes out that shows the guys on-scene had enough intel to know tey should have gone in sooner, I’m going to trust that the guys did the best they could with what was known at the time.

Show me that they pulled a Peterson, and I’ll revise my thinking.


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One thought on “Police Inaction In Texas?”

  1. Lots of video of parents being forcibly restrained by the cops screaming for them to “do something” and going as far as pointing weapons and tazers at frantic parents.

    Seriously Bad JuJu

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