This is the largest signal of world intelligence I’ve seen in a while.

It gives me hope for humanity.

Moderna tosses 30 million COVID-19 vaccine doses because ‘nobody wants them’
“It’s sad to say I’m in the process of throwing 30 million doses in the garbage because nobody wants them. We have a big demand problem,” [Moderna CEO Stephan] Bancel said.

Bancel said Moderna has reached out to several countries to see if any governments wanted the vaccines but that the interest is not there.

I certainly don’t want that shit injected into me. I don’t care how a big a year-end bonus Bancel was hoping for.

Several months ago, my county closed all their ChinCOVID pseudo-vaccination sites (except for county health headquarters) for lack of demand. I guess we average a little smarter than the rest of the world.


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