Peter Grant Has Some Questions About Georgia Elections

Let’s start with his post title.

Is Georgia still riddled with electoral fraud?

Looking at the unbelievable votes tallies, the simple answer appears to be an unequivocal “Yes.”

The correct answer is that the overall system is fraudulent, but riddled with scattered honest precincts.

When one considers that Kemp and Raffensperger were the politicians who went with the 2020 election results, without challenging them in any way despite overwhelming evidence of cheating, one can’t help asking whether they were involved in electoral fraud then – and whether they’re simply repeating their performance now, to safeguard their own positions.

That’s a little more complicated; and you need to look at the two… gentlemen separately.

Kemp’s role in the 2020 mess was largely passive. He let the clear fraud go unchallenged. Although not at first.

Originally, Kemp promised real audits of the BS results. Then there was a really odd auto crash (single vehicle accident that resulted in the car bursting into a ball of fire, Hollywood-style) that injured his daughter and killed her boyfriend.

Suddenly Kemp stopped all calls for audits. He pretty much had nothing to say on the subject again.

‘Round here, people think he was threatened into silence and inaction.

But since his role was passive, he could sign a few pro-gun rights bills, suspend fuel taxes, and the forgetful voters could move on thinking they’re just reelecting a good Republican. Mostly, Kemp’s numbers were still strange enough — against Perdue? — that it’s also clear that he was awarded a comfortable election margin for good behavior.

Raffensperger is another matter. His role was extremely active and pro-fraud-active. And everyone knows it.

Ballot drop boxes in 2020 violated state law. That was never up for debate (which is why Republicans later threw the left a bone and legalized them — albeit with a lot of restrictions — later).

Raffensperger is the person who unlawfully “authorized” illegal ballot drop boxes.

Note that when Trump questioned this, it was Raffensperger’s office that leaked a falsified account of Trump’s phone call, and attempted to destroy the recording that would prove they lied.

Note (2) that when voting integrity groups started geo-tracking drop box mules (and matching them up to video recordings), Raffensperger claimed he had no evidence of such thing… after they had turned the evidence over to his office.

Note (3) that when the publicity was getting so bad that Raffensperger had to pretend to do something about the evidence… he subpoenaed the voting integrity groups, not the identified mules.

Backing up a little, we see Raffensperger’s¬†criminality in the Senate run-offs. Once it was established that run-offs would be required for both Georgia Senator positions, Raffensperger opened up voter registration again, with a specific deadline for new voters to vote in the January run-offs. The problem is, that¬†violates the state constitution and state law, which specify that the only people eligible to vote in run-offs are those who were already eligible to vote in the initial general election. If you were not a registered Georgia voter before the general election, it’s a felony to vote in the run-off later.

But Raffensperger allowed it, refused to investigate reports of newly registered voters voting, and never sought prosecution of those fraudulent votes he enabled.

We had new “voters” registering out of post office boxes (though they called the boxes “APT #”). Yep, PO boxes at the post office street address. Raffensperger said he didn’t really know those were PO boxes and not apartments without an “investigation.” And no, he wasn’t going to investigate that because there was no proof — other than state voter roles — that it happened.

Georgians know this.

Now, you might think that my take on what Georgians believe is merely selection bias; that I just associate with people who believe know that Raffensperger is a crook.

This part might seem like a digression, but bear with me for a moment. State-level Secretary of State is usually — so far as voters on the street think — an obscure office. Unless you live in Georgia, can you name your Secretary of State, without looking it up?

Georgians can. Now.

Last week, I was gassing up my sister’s car (thank god she could afford it, because I can’t*). The guy at the pump on the other side of mine spotted one of those Biden “I Did That” stickers. This is a guy I’d never seen before in my life (I think; it’s a small town, so maybe I’ve seen him, but I didn’t know him).

He immediately went into a rant about how 1) Democrats are fucking us over, 2) idiots keep reelecting them knowing they’re fucking us over, and 3) scumbag Republican like Raffensperger and Kemp are helping them fuck us over.

All I could do was agree completely.

But Kemp and Raffensperger won in landslides of adoring voters.

* Remember when gas stations and convenience stores wouldn’t even accept $50 bills, because they didn’t want too much cash in the register at once, they didn’t want to empty their register of smaller bills making change, and the possibility that a large denomination bill could be counterfeit? Now they just take them without blinking when you prepay and hope $50 is enough to top off the tank.


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3 thoughts on “Peter Grant Has Some Questions About Georgia Elections”

  1. Election fraud?!
    Fake voters, fake ballots, statistically impossible results you say?!?!?
    Un-Possible! Not in an American election!

  2. I live in Alabama and have done since 1968. Prior to the run off for the Ga Senate seat I received a telephone call asking if I wanted an absentee ballot to cast. My telephone area code is 256 which is not a Georgia area code. I declined the opportunity. My only regret is that I did not write down the number that call came from. Probably was a bogus number anyway.

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