Asymmetric Civil War

OK, one more.

You want to confiscate “AR-15s”?

If a weapon is so dangerous that a squad of police officers are too afraid to confront a single person wielding it, that weapon should be banned.

Response: Man if a squad of cops is afraid to confront one AR-15 imagine how fun it will be to forcibly confiscate 20 million of them

Reminded me of something I wrote more than 7 years ago.

Two separated pairs of people, most seemingly with no or minimal training (guessing; based on unreliable muddia reports, one brother may have gotten some training in Yemen) are tying up roughly 90,000 allegedly trained, and well-armed, troops. a 1:22,500 ratio in manpower alone. Asymmetric warfare rules.
Four. For a few days.

There are probably at least 100 million gun owners in America.

Hmm. Last estimate I saw of AR-pattern weapons alone was 16,000,000. Say they have to go collect half of ’em.

At that ratio, I figure they’ll need 180,000,000,000 cop….

Uh oh.

Maybe they can do a little better than that. I haven’t seen an estimate of all the police deployed to the Robb Elementary shooting (1 shooter, 1 Bushmaster), but this says they sent nineteen officers into the school.

So maybe they do the AR- confiscation job with a mere…

152,000,000 cops.

Houston, we they may still have a problem.


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5 thoughts on “Asymmetric Civil War”

  1. Nothing is beyond the dems in their drive for power. Their logic doesn’t work-its a never ending trainwreck. Expect them to try anything. Know where your line in the sand is and be ready.

  2. Another Demonstration that the .gov thugpigs are Cowards. They are O.K. with 30+ of them making an 0300 Raid on a sleeping Citizen, but even the Possibility of Return Fire gets their Panties in a Wad. I am of the Opinion that the politicians calling for “Gun Confiscation” have in mind to use “Bureaucratic Methods” of first identifying Gun Owners from the Background Check Records, then “Unpersoning”them by Cancelling their Driver’s License and Seizing their Bank Accounts.

    Make Plans to reduce or eliminate your Vulnerability to these kind of Tactics, including Knowing Where appropriate (bureaucratic) Targets are located in your AO.

  3. You will surrender your AR voluntarily, more or less. Actually, you will surrender your AR or your mortgage, bank account, healthcare insurance, car insurance, job and public school for your kids will be cancelled. No laws will have to be passed, the oligarchs that control each of these industries will declare you unfit for their services, this does not include the coming famine, where food will be available to those who turn in their evil rifles or rat out those that haven’t.

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