[UPDATE] I did NOT want to go there.

Really, I didn’t. But with what started in DC this afternoon, we may be going there.

The next few hours, and the National Guard response, will decide.

Remember, it only took four people.

Added, 5:30: Interesting. False flag op? The Capitol Viking Boy was photographed in the same get-up at an Arizona BLM protest in June. I was going to link to the Parler post, but it appears to have been deleted. Fortunately, I saved the image.

Added, 1/7/2021: More.

And more.

Uh huh.


Facial recognition firm claims Antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol
A retired military officer told The Washington Times that the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia Antifa members to two men inside the Senate.

Added, 1/7/2021, 12:15PM: XRVision denies the report.

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