I Confess: Some Types Of Spam Actually Amuse Me

Specifically the “[sweet young thing] has sent you a message and wants to meet” genre. I mention it because I just got another one of those. It was a little more cleverly constructed than some. (Not enough to prevent flagging by the auto spam filter, though.)

This one was made to look as if it came via a Catholic e-card site. But only vaguely, since the actual contact links were for some not especially classy sounding alleged hookup site (“sweetgirl22,” really?) without its own domain.


But no matter how realistic some scammer tries to make those look, I have to put the odds of some [sweet young thing] wanting to legitimately meet a poverty-stricken, cantankerous SOB in his 60s, who was hardly Adonis even in his prime, at a few orders of magnitude lower than winning the PowerBall.

So I think they’re mildly amusing.

But from news reports, I guess there really are some desperate guys who fall for this stuff, and end up getting scammed out of thousands, or even being used as a drug mule. It effectively cost the scammers nothing to send out tens of thousands of these, so if they randomly reach just one deluded sucker, they’re ahead.


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