Another One For the “Why Are Gun Controllers So Violent” File

Yep. That’ll convince them no one needs the means for self defense.

Wisconsin man allegedly threatens to shoot lawmakers who vote to arm teachers
In an email sent to radio host Jeff Wagner, Stearns allegedly said if Wisconsin lawmakers ever voted to arm public school teachers he would “purchase a gun, the most powerful I can purchase, and go to Madison and shoot as many of the people who vote for this law as I can before someone shoots me.”

The email added: “Arming the teachers and administrators would be the worst possible thing our country/state would ever see, and I am more than willing to go down in a blaze of glory.”

In another email sent to a specific Wisconsin legislator, Stearns allegedly wrote: “If you pass legislation to arm teachers, administrators, and other staff people in the Wisconsin public schools, you’ll be a dead man in 60 days of passing that legislation.”

The sender ominously warned: “People will hunt you down and your family like animals.”


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