You Thought The Younger Generation Of Truckers Were Bad?

I’ll ask my retired trucker brother his opinion of this when he stops laughing and catchex his breath.

Uber Partners with Google’s Waymo on Long-Haul Self-Driving Trucks
Engadget reports that ride-sharing company Uber has signed a long-term partnership with Google’s Waymo to develop a long-haul autonomous trucking division. The move will combine Waymo’s self-driving tech with Uber Freight’s network in an effort to help customers deploy self-driving trucks more efficiently.

And then there’s the Teamsters…


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2 thoughts on “You Thought The Younger Generation Of Truckers Were Bad?”

  1. Those union bois will keep right on voting democrat until their kids are starved to death . Back in 2008 I tried talking some sense into the coal workers . They mocked and scorned me and lapped up that propaganda from their union reps and voted for Bath House Barry both terms but by the time Barry moved on to his seaside mansion most of them were and are unemployed . I came from a strong union family also but at least I could see that the unions had turned communist and were for “the Party” and no longer for “The Worker”. In the old testament G-d sais ” I hate him that won’t change”. In my older years I now understand that .

  2. Autonomous trucks are coming. I don’t like it but nobody cares what I like. They are coming… and without a driver, the Teamsters are irrelevant.

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