[UPDATED] Uvalde Shooting: Were The Doors Unlocked The Whole Time?

You have got to be kidding me…

Another stunning Uvalde development: The door to the classroom where a gunman killed the students and teachers was probably unlocked all along. Footage shows officers didn’t try to open it until SWAT arrived.

The news report the tweet links to is paywalled. But I find the claim highly credible since 1) the killer managed to open the door and walk in, and 2) it would go far towards explaining why the cops think that it would be too embarrassing to release records to the public.

The letter makes clear, however, that the city and its police department want to be exempted from releasing a wide variety of records in part because it is being sued, in part because some of the records could include “highly embarrassing information,” in part because some of the information is “not of legitimate concern to the public,” in part because the information could reveal “methods, techniques, and strategies for preventing and predicting crime,” in part because some of the information may cause or may “regard … emotional/mental distress,” and in part because its response to the shooting is being investigated by the Texas Rangers, the FBI, and the Uvalde County District Attorney.

Since I haven’t heard about an outbreak of remorseful police suicides in Uvalde, I don’t think they’re embarrassed enough yet.

Added: Yep; sounds like the door was unlocked.

The school’s classroom doors are designed so that they lock automatically when they’re closed, and the only way to open them, ordinarily, is with a key, but the surveillance footage shows Ramos was able to open the door into classroom 111 at the school. Another door inside led to classroom 112.

He got into the school at around 11:30 a.m., entering through an exterior door that a teacher had pulled shut, but that door also did not lock automatically as it should have.
According to officials, three Uvalde police officers chased Ramos two minutes after he got into the school. The video footage shows he fired shots inside the two classrooms, came back out into the hallway, and then went back inside the rooms.

Scumbag went through that door twice. And apparently the second time the cops should have seen him do it. Maybe if the chief had a radio someone could have told him the door was unlocked.


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4 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Uvalde Shooting: Were The Doors Unlocked The Whole Time?”

  1. We have a saying in the fire service that perhaps our brothers in L.E. could learn so it becomes second nature to them as well:

    “Try before you pry”

    I came across a door once that was indeed locked, but the door wasn’t shut tight and it swung open as pretty as you please with no damage necessary.

    1. Yep. And I’ve done a fair bit of security work, and large part of that was checking to see that “locked” doors really are locked and latched. Because they often aren’t.

  2. The longer we go and the more info comes out the more it appears that not only are the cops in Uvalde flaming cowards they are INCOMPETENT flaming cowards.

    1. Insane, incompetent cowards.

      I’m almost ashamed for semi-defending them and saying to wait and see, back in May. From what I’m seeing now, all the things that made me think it wasn’t a complete cowardly clusterfuck were done by Border Patrol agents despite the city and school district cops.

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