The Senate Gun Control Bill Finally Dropped

It’s here>.

I haven’t gone through all of it yet, because if I do it now I’ll be too fucking angry to sleep tonight. I looked at one section, and it already has me so pissed that sleep is going to be an issue anyway.

I need a drink.

Just to get you primed for the full analysis, which I’ll publish at The Zelman Partisans in the morning and link here…

It appears that if you sell a one gun — ever — with the intent of getting money for it, then you’re a dealer and you’ll need an FFL first.

There does not appear to be any exception for sales to friends or family. At a guess, the only “sale” that wouldn’t require an FFL is probably “selling” a gun at a loss in a “buyback” with the intent of getting a gun “off the street.” Remember when I put my rifle up for sale because I wanted money for it (to pay medical bills)? Under this bill, I would have needed to apply and wait months for a license — and pay the licensing fee — just to sell it at would then be a loss to… not be able to pay my bills.

The bill also addresses the so-called “boyfriend loophole,” but if I check it now, I might stroke out.

There is actually a fair chance this will pass, because there are at least eleven dickless Repugnant senators who want to pretend they’re doing something for the children. And with Dimwit control of the House and White House…

Fuck ’em all.


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2 thoughts on “The Senate Gun Control Bill Finally Dropped”

  1. The Pen is Mightier.

    Let Common Sense prevail.
    The reality is , THIS perticular β€œlawβ€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Means Nothing.

    This aint the old america, we are in a New Day. New Rules. There are none.

  2. Fed gov leads the way in breaking the laws they create for the rest of us to comply with. I feel no guilt at all in refusing to comply with anything they mandate.

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