If I Were Sen. Rubio, I’d Be Pissed About This

I had been watching congress.gov for the Gang-Rape Safer Communities Act, the “bipartisan” Senate gun control bill. I had the text, but I wanted the bill number. But it appeared that they’d fast-tracked it so much that congress.gov couldn’t keep.

But then I got an email from FPC that mentioned the bill number: S.2938, and all became clear

Why look at that. The permanent gov record of this rights-raping monstrosity shows that it was sponsored by Republican Marco Rubio. It was introduced October 2021.

Say what?

That’s how they got the gun control bill to the floor so fast. They took a Rubio bill that had already passed the Senate and House. Then the oath-violating “bipartisan” victim-disarmers amended Rubio’s bill (which was originally just naming a court house), tacking on the BS anti-2A language.

It’s hardly the first time I’ve seen that. More often though, it’s someone rushing an “empty” placeholder bill into the bill queue — generally near the beginning of a session — with the plan to amend the real text in later. It’s a way to get ahead in line when your bill isn’t quite ready.

Other times, they’ll ask someone with a minor action bill if they can sacrifice his for the next text.

Somehow I doubt that they asked Rubio if he minded showing up in the record as the sponsor of this.


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